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family business consulting and advisors
Leslie Dashew, family business consultant
Leslie Dashew


July 1, 2015
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Leslie Dashew leslie@lesliedashew.com

Anne Zaphirio - Office Mgr

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Advisor to Families & Leaders for 40 years

My mission is to help people utilize, develop, and
appreciate their capabilities and those of the people
whose lives they touch.

This work has taken me to the far corners of the earth
and I've been blessed to have served a great variety
of people in many types of settings.

Today I am primarily focused on:







The Human Side of Enterprise Website

Within the website, you can learn about the work we do at Human Side of Enterprise and about my background as a family business consultant & advisor to organizations. You can read articles about succession, governance, family councils & roles in the family enterprise. There are essays about the impact of wealth on families and how to prepare stewards in the next generation. There are even poems that I have written about legacy, women in family business and communication - all of which relate to our work. Practical tools that help with communication, team building & resolving conflict can also be found here. Learn about events and materials that will help you become more effective as an individual, a member of your family and as a part of your organization. Finally, visit my blog for an opportunity to share observations and new ideas that may be of help to you on an on-going basis.

The Keys to Family Business Success

The Keys to Family Business Success

"Keys to Family Business Success is a compilation of best practices applied to families and family businesses in transition....a unique resource to families and advisors seeking to find advice"- Dirk Jungé, Chairman & CEO of Pitcairn, fourth-generation family member and owner.

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